National Symbols of The Bahamas

National Symbols of the Bahamas:

The Bahamian Flag
The colors of the Bahamian flag are black, gold and aquamarine. The black represents the Bahamian
people, the gold represents the sun and the aquamarine is a symbol of our crystal clear waters.

The National Flower
The yellow elder (Tecoma stans) is a tubular yellow flower with ultra-fine red stripes on each petal. It
grows wild in The Bahamas, but is usually improved through cultivation. The Yellow Elder Tree may reach a height of nearly twenty feet. The blooming period is from October to December, diminishing by March.

The National Tree
Lignum Vitae or ‘tree of life’ (Guaiacum sanctum) is a very heavy wood characterized by clusters of small
blue flowers at the branch tips.

The Bahamas Coat of Arms

The National Bird
Flamingo: Its pink, it has long legs and we have a lot of them.

National Anthem
The National Anthem is a beautiful song by Timothy Gibson (1903-1978):

Pledge of Allegiance
“I Pledge my allegiance to the flag and to the Commonwealth of The Bahamas For which it stands, one
people united in love and service.”

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