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What is the Miss Universe Bahamas pageant?

What is the Miss Universe Bahamas pageant?

What is the Miss Universe Bahamas pageant?

The Miss Universe Bahamas is the national pageant of The Bahamas, which is under the Miss Universe Organization under the license T/A Miss Bahamas Universe Organization.

Our pageant offers a 10-week Enrichment Program for women 18 years and older. We believe in inclusivity and the empowerment of women by providing them with the opportunity to represent The Bahamas on the international stage before a live and television audience. Apart from that, our ambassador also makes special appearances and is allowed to be an active and positive role model within the community. Throughout her reign, she is expected to showcase and highlight her platform as a part of the national campaign as well as her dedication to her contractual duties.

What does Miss Universe Bahamas look for in our contestants?

We look for the individual who exudes confidence, exemplifies a natural effervescent flare and one who embodies the true character of a lady. Additionally, we look for women who have come to serve, share, build and unite the community. She is authentic and takes pride in team building with respect to the Miss Bahamas Universe Organization, while representing the country.

Are those interested in joining the pageant expected to have formal training already?

Our 10-week program offers modeling, interview and communication, research and development assistance with platforms, dining etiquette and social media support. We also provide templates for sponsorship letters/proposals.

Can I re-enter if I don’t win? And how many times?

Yes, contestants have been known to re-enter multiple times, as long as you are in good physical, mental and emotional condition. And also, once you have proven that you do not have a criminal record or have become a menace to society.

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